Live a Life full of passion and purpose.

Do you wish you were further along on your goals for health, relationships, financial situation, and life experiences?

Is something holding you back from getting to where you really want to be?

It's easy to fall into patterns of "survival and lose the passion and energy you used to have for life. When you stop dreaming, you find yourself just getting through the "day-to-day."

The Dream Manager Program is a life changing program developed and implemented by Floyd Consulting based on Matthew Kelly’s book

“The Dream Manager” designed to help you move toward greater life balance and discover the Best-Version-of-Yourself.

As your Dream Manager, I will guide you through the process of developing a personal strategic plan. I will provide regular accountability, thought provoking content, and encouragement to help you follow through with the plan you develop.

I have been a raving fan of Matthew Kelly’s Dream Manager concept since I first heard of it in 2009. I immediately gathered a group of

like-minded friends to jump in with me and start ‘DREAMING”.

With nothing more that our lists of 100 dreams, a FB group, and a desire from each of us to change our lives and the word with our dreams, we set off. Over the next few years, we saw our group evolve as we helped each other make plans and fulfill our dreams, some big and some small. Even after our small group stopped meeting and focusing on our dreams, I continued with the process of listing 100 Dreams at the start of each year. I am continually amazed how many of my dreams come true just as a result of the awareness created by this process!

I made the decision to become a certified Dream Manger in 2020 so that I could be the one to start the Dream Movement and bring this incredible program out of the corporate setting and make it available to everyone. I am determined to spread the Dream manger concept to everyone, especially parents, students, educators, and health care professionals, and be known as the Crazy Dream Lady.

Creating positive change and REAL RESULTS in your life!

Here are some of the things participants have experienced as a result of this program:


• Improved relationships

• Increased personal energy

• Increased self-confidence

• Accomplishment of personal dreams

• Improved health and wellness

• Greater work-life satisfaction

• Career growth

• Development of management and leadership skills

Organizations and Teams:

• Improved business

• Identification of future leaders

• Greater connection between managers and employees

Your Dreams are Your Responsibility

Is the Dream Manager Program the solution to every challenge, issue, or problem?

Absolutely not!

There’s no such thing as a “magic bullet." The Dream Manager Program requires you to engage and take ownership of your actions and experience. When you become more engaged in your own lives and with other people, virtually any problem you face will be positively impacted. With a focus on taking small steps forward and celebrating progress, we are able to address almost any business or personal challenge.

Program Overview

The Dream Manager Program includes a personal growth curriculum that supports you in the achievement of your life dreams.

It can help you improve your personal finances, develop your physical wellness, and enriching important relationships.

We will meet once a month either privately or in a group, depending on how you register. During each of these sessions, one module from the course is covered and you'll receive resources and tools to support your learning.

This experience will be facilitated by me, a Certified Dream Manager®.

12-month program with

Modules designed by Floyd Consulting.

Session 1 - Your Essential Purpose

Session 2 - The Architecture of Dreams

Session 3 - Money and Your Dreams, Part I

Session 4 - Money and Your Dreams, Part II

Session 5 - The Genius of Personality

Session 6 - Time and Energy

Session 7 - Physical Mastery

Session 8 - Emotional Mastery

Session 9 - Intellectual Mastery

Session 10 - Spiritual Mastery

Session 11 - Professional Mastery

Session 12 - Your Character Is Your Destiny

Program Options

Premiere Dreamer

Work with your Dream Manager individually for a more private experience, greater flexibility, and a higher level of personal attention.

  • Training book, all supplies and connection resources.

  • One 60-minute onbording call

  • 12 private monthly sessions: 1 hour each

  • 1-hour completion call

  • Private #epicDreamers FB page

  • Private Online Dreamer Community

  • Monthly videos and emails

  • Access to all #epicDreamer resources

$6,000 Paid in Full


$500 down



or $550/monthly

Group Dreamer

Join a group of dreamers for an experience of community, mutual accountability, and support.

  • Training book, all supplies and connection resources.

  • One 60-minute onboarding call

  • 12 monthly group sessions, 90 minutes each

  • 60-minute completion call at the end of the program

  • Private #epicDreamers FB page

  • Private Online Dreamer Community

  • Monthly videos and emails

  • Access to all #epicDreamer resources

$3000 Paid in Full


$500 down



or $260/monthly

On-Your-Own Dreamer

  • Training book and all supplies

  • One 15-minute intro call

  • 12 private monthly sessions 1 hour each

  • 1-hour call at the end of the program

  • Private #epicDreamers FB page

  • Monthly check-in calls with all the dreamers

  • Access to all #epicDreamer resources

$1500 Paid in Full


$500 down



or $125/monthly

Dreamer Resources

  • One 30-minute onboarding call

  • Private #epicDreamers FB page

  • Access to all #epicDreamer resources


(will be credited if you roll up to a higher package within 6 months)

“Once we stop dreaming, we start to lead lives of quiet desperation, and little by little passion and energy begin to disappear from our lives.”

-Matthew Kelly

The Dream Manager Program proudly implemented in accordance with Floyd Consulting - A Matthew Kelly Company